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Quad Bike Hire Santorini

For the best Quad Bike Hire Santorini services and for the Best Quad Santorini Experience trust us.
We provide very economy prices, many free amenities and high quality Quad rental Santorini services.
Book online your Quad in Santorini with our credit card pre charge and live the Quad Bike Santorini Experience

quad bike hire santorini

Quad bike hire Santorini with no Credit Card Pre Charge

Our Quad bike hire Santorini services include online booking with no credit card precharge. Through our SSL secured website you can book online you Quad bike in Santorini. With our fast and easy online booking system you can book your Quad in Santorini without prepayment or precharge of your card. For secure reasons we require a credit card but we do not pre charge it.

Our Quad Santorini prices include

Complete Insurance Package.

Our Quad rental Santorini prices include our basic insurance package. The basic insurance package includes third party liability, fire insurance and theft insurance. This way you have all the basic covers. If you wish, with a small extra cost you can get our extra insurances and be fully covered.  As an option you can get CDW insurance or FDW insurance. We provide the most reliabe Quad bike hire Santorini services.

Free Airport, Port and Hotel Delivery

By choosing a rental duration that will be more that two days we provide free delivery. We provide free delivery almost everywhere in Santorni. The only place that is not included is Oia. By choosing our Quad bike hire Santorini services you can save all the delivery costs. Also you can save money because for more than two day rentals our Quad Santorini prices are from 10% – 20% lower. 

Free Unlimited Kms

The Quad rental Santorini services that we provide include unlimited kms free of charge. Our aim is to provide top quality Quad rental Santorini services. Our mission is our customers to live the best quad experince and to create unique memories. Thas why we offer quad bike hire Santorini services with free unlimited Kms. Rent a quad bike from us, drive free and live the quad Santorini experience.

quad rental santorini

Our Quad rental Santorini prices also include

quad santorini

Quad Santorini with Free Road Side Assistance

Our quad Santorini vehicles are always in perfect condition. We always carry out weekly and daily checks in order to be sure that all our quads are always more than safe. Your safety and your peace of mind is very important, so we also offer free road side assistance from 08:00 – 22:00. We provide the best quad santorini services and we will be always next to you.

Quad Bike Santorini with Free Helmets & Free Road Map

Our quad rental Santorini services include and free safe helmets and a unique road map of Santorini island. Our aim is first the  safety of our customers and second to create unique memories. In order to be safe we provide safe quad bikes and of course safe helmets. In order to create unique memories we provide the best tips about santorini and a road map. 

Quad bike hire Santorini with no Hidden costs

When you book online you need to be very carefull. You must be  absolutely sure about what is included in the rental price and what is not. Also you need to check the cancelation policy. Our rental terms are very clear. Our quad Santorini prices are final with no hidden costs, we do not require deposit and we offer free cancelation up to 48 hours before the pick up date. 

The Quad Bike Santorini Experience

In order to live the quad bike Santorini experience you need to choose the right guad bike hire Santorini services. We offer top quality quad bike hire services in the most economy prices. By choosing our quad bike hire Santorini services you make sure that you will have your peace of mind and that you will have a unforgettable quad bike Santorini experience.